Speaking – SQLSaturday Oslo

I am very lucky to have been invited back by the SQLSaturday Oslo team to present at thier conference again alongside a whole raft of other fantastic speakers. This year, in addition to a regular conference session on the Saturday I have been asked to present a whole day of training on Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.

This is an interesting Azure service that I hve been working with for a couple of years now and am seeing more and more people look into. However, it has some nuances and foiblews that you need to get around in order to migrate to and get the most out of. This is what I will be lookig to cover through the training day.

I will be walking attendees through the whole process from deployment, through migration, and onto operating Managed Instance. The objective being that you can walk out and start testing Azure SQL Database Managed Instance to see if it will work for you and your company.

Full details of the training day can be found here. Normally it is kr2,624.75, but the team have been really kind and given me a code that you can use to get a discount. You can enter the code MIFTW you will get a 10% discount applied to your order. Details on how to apply a promo code for event brite can be found here.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all there.


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