Speaking – Data Platform Summit 2019

This year I have the priviledge of being invited to present at Data Platform Summit 2019 in Banglaore, India this August by Amit R S Bansal and the team. Data Platform Summit is India’s premier data platform event with experts from around the world delivering a huge array of content and sharing their knowledge on the Microsoft Data Platform.

In addition to speaking at the main conference I will be delivering two pre-conference training days. There is still time to sign up and pay to attend the conference and training days here.

On the 20th of August I will be help you understand how to evolve your data platform skills for the cloud. Discussing key topics around Azure SQL Database, Managed Instance, and IaaS VMs. I will show you the key differences between the technologies, the prerequisites and how you can move your workloads to the cloud successfully.

On the 21st of August I will be diving into automating the management of your data platform, on-premises and in the cloud. Looking at how Infrastructure as Code and DevOps culture can get us a step ahead of those not using these techniquies. I will show you how you can be ahead of the competition when it comes to managing large SQL Server environments with ease. Providing all my demo and sample scripts to attendees.

I will also be presenting a joint Round Table session with fellow MVP Martin Cairney who is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer and SQL Server expert.

I hope to see many of you in Bangalore in a few weeks time to share my knowledge and speak with you.


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