Speaking Agenda – 2020

This post will be updated throughout the year as I get selected to present and with links to resources after I have given a presentation. This year I am looking to cut back on my travel again to spend more time with my family and friends so lets see how that works 🙂


Microsoft Ignite Tour – London, England

How to setup lifecycle management for Azure Storage

I will be delivering a short 15 minute theater session on how to setup and configure Azure Storage Lifecycle Management. If you’re here feel free to drop past and have a chat.

Slides and demo code available here.


SQLSaturday #927 – Edinburgh, Scotland

SQLSaturday Edinburgh 01 FEB 2020

It has been a couple of years since SQLSaturday was last in Edinburgh and it is great to be back to such a wonderful city. I am very lucky to have had two sessions selected that I will be delivering in Edinburgh.

You can register for the event here.

An Introduction to Terraform, Infrastructure as Code

This has to be one of my favorite sessions to deliver at the moment. I will be discussing the concept of Infrastructure as Code and how Terraform can be used to manage resource deployment and state in Microsoft Azure. The objective being that you walk away with all you need to start deploying your first resources with Terraform.

How to establish control when it’s all going wrong!

This is a new session and will be the first time that I have presented it. The objective here is to give attendees some tips and tricks about how to handle stressful situations such as a P1 outage or major other system failure. I will be sharing some of the things that I have learned through painful experience that will help you get through these events and be a beacon of calm in a storm.


SQLKonferenz – Darmstdadt, Germany

3rd to 5th of March 2020


I’m heading back to Darmstdadt again for SQL Konferenz to present my Introduction to Terraform session. I will be discussing the concept of Infrastrucutre as Code and demonstrating how it can speed up repeatable deployments in Microsoft Azure.

This year in addition to the main conference the team have pulled together an awesome set of pre-con sessions from Glen Berry, Karen Lopez and Tom LaRock, and Jan Fellien and Sia Ghassemi. There are still tickets left and you can buy those here if you are interested in attending this great event.

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